My journey through CTL was transformational. As a lifelong Christian who even went to bible college this was probably the single most impact-full  experience for my walk with Christ. It wasn't always comfortable but through the process it brought about a sense of freedom and purpose I hadn't  experienced before. Thanks Steve for your example and your heart to server men.

- Shawn

CTL has personally raised the spiritual bar in my life.  I have a wonderful church and pastor but I find that my flesh had become complacent.  CTL came along and raised the spiritual bar by getting me back to the basics by spending daily time in God's Word and prayer. I am glad that God helped me not stay in the spiritual state that I was in and has helped me to move to greater heights spiritually.

 - Nick

I had the privilege of hosting a CTL at my business last year with 5 other men. Its so refreshing to hear a man unashamed to teach, preach and model what it means to be a godly man, and husband in our culture today. Steve is very gifted in presenting these things and for myself and the men that were able to go on the Chosen To Lead Journey, we are eternally grateful.  The program encourages each man to examine his own walk with God, starting with the inside of each mans heart, then works on the outward. This is exactly inline with what the bible teaches about cleansing the inside of the cup first. Passion for God, passion for our wives, passion for life...these are the core things  CTL approaches in a fun and constructive way.  The program is designed with both the individual and group setting in mind. The men grew closer to one another and nearly a year later, the men still have a bond that lasts.  Each one can encourage and pray for one another in their walk witjh the Lord.  That is a valuable practice to have in the workplace here.  To Steve we all say thank you and we look forward to the next time we can participate in CTL again!

- Dustin

CTL was truly transformative in regards to my walk with the Lord and my daily approach to life as a leader in my home and a leader of young men on the baseball diamond. The accountability I experienced pushed me to a greater level of responsibility in regards to my time in prayer and my time in the word. Steve and his ministry challenged me to a higher standard in regards to my prayer life and relationship with God, strengthened my relationship with my wife, further developed me as a father, and modeled the behavior of a Godly coach and teacher.  I will forever be grateful to Steve an the other men in my CTL group.