Turning the hearts of men toward God, fighting for marriage and family, while equipping men to lead with  character, conviction, courage and compassion.

Although most men would claim the desire to be the spiritual leader of their family, when we really take a close look and evaluate our leadership role, we would find a lot of room for growth and maturity.  CTL will provide the instruction and the tools to embrace the disciplines necessary in order to mature into the full stature of Christ, accomplishing this great call to lead, through the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.  CTL believes that the best method to help men accomplish this spiritual growth is by providing a setting where men of like mind and spirit can help and assist one another through maintaining accountability in the spiritual disciplines that we are called to put into place in our lives.  These disciplines are fulfilled as men walk in relationships that are authentic and real, with a humble and teachable spirit. We believe in the “team concept”: that we as men, need each other to grow into the full stature of Christ.  As Chosen To lead men, we will enthusiastically help one another to embrace God’s Word allowing the Holy Spirit to mature us by permitting His Fruit to flow through our lives.