Chosen To Lead


Welcome to the Chosen to Lead Ministries.  The purpose of this ministry is to help you as a man become passionate about God and the mandate He has on your life to lead in your marriage, family, church, and workplace. CTL will provide the biblical instruction along with practical application to help assist you in being a godly man.  You will be encouraged and held accountable in the spiritual disciplines necessary to glorify God through  your life.  The journey will not be easy.  It will require humility, integrity, and obedience to Gods Word by being a doer not just a hearer.  The commitment will involve other men of like-mind, who also have chosen to be accountable, transparent, and trustworthy.  This commitment that you are about to make is designed to radically change your lifestyle in developing  spiritual disciplines that will last for the rest of your life.  Your decision to participate in this ministry will allow God an opportunity to change your life.  He has provided everything in His Word and with the power of the Holy Spirit to enable you to accomplish this task.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself Gods kingdom.

CTL Orientation Video

As men, we must recognize that God has called us to lead and assume the God-ordained position of being priests in our own homes.  It will be asked of you to allow CTL family ministries to provide biblical instruction and training in the disciplines necessary to become an effective priest in your home.  You will receive these instructions using the following methods: role-modeling, encouragement, exhorting, teaching, training, reproving, and providing vision.  You will be given practical applications, assignments, and projects to carry out within an atmosphere of accountability. Being a doer will open the door for God to change you and conform you to His image through the power of the Holy Spirit.

As men, we recognize that the greatest resource that we have to accomplish this mission is God's Word, bolstered by a continuous access to the Holy Spirit and the awesome power of prayer. The Chosen To Lead Ministry is totally dependent upon God to develop your life in accordance with His perfect will.  The workings of the Holy Spirit will bring this about within you as you surrender to Him.  It is the intent of this ministry to disciple men who are faithful, teachable and love God with all their heart. The end result will be men who will lead their families spiritually, men who will be the teachers of sound doctrine, men who will live a life modeled on the faith and virtue of Jesus Christ.

The greatest joy of this ministry will be when men bring glory to God by being a disciple of God, walking daily in the spiritual disciplines that bring glory to Gods name. A true disciple of Christ will not only produce fruit right now, but will plant seeds into the hearts of the next generation producing more disciples for Christ glory.  May we all begin to learn how to live life with a big God and small people, always  reflecting on the transforming power of the cross, dying daily to ourselves.  We are engaged in warfare, the time to win these battles is now, and the place is right here.  May we act quickly and courageously, pressing onward toward God's invitation for us to be strong in the power of His might. Yes, you and I have been chosen.  I have the earnest expectation of God's Kingdom being advanced through your life as a leader. May each of us in humility and the fear of God yield to the grace of God, obey His commands, and be willing to step forward as men Chosen To Lead.

Let God Be Magnified!